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All communication with employees is based on trust and transparency.

Artesa Fabrics aims to be an institution that makes a difference for employees and communities, offering a working environment that adapts to changing trends.

With a focus on employee development and following innovative training and HR practices, employee satisfaction and motivation are of the greatest importance to Artesa. All communication with employees is based on trust and transparency.

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This experience manifests itself as a culture that cares about the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, always encouraging career development opportunities, and with long-term and sustainable value creation as a principle.

Artesa’ human resources policy is centred around the principles of anti-discrimination, equality, fairness and objectivity. This policy is a key component of Artesa’s corporate culture and is vital to achieving its goals and making a difference.


At Artesa, employees are recruited with non-discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, sect, race, skin colour, political view, sexual orientation and ethnicity. During their tenure, employees do not face any discrimination based on these or similar criteria.

When recruiting new employees, both applications through online portals and personal applications are considered. The candidate pool is enriched by internal posts of vacant positions and research conducted via online portals.

A formal candidate selection process, which varies according to job position, is applied during recruitment. The screening process includes case studies, presentations, foreign language proficiency testing, personality inventory applications and reference checks at the last stage. Candidates who have completed the selection process successfully are included in the Orientation Program as soon as they start to work at Artesa.

Talent Management & Traınıng and Organısatıonal Development

Artesa’s training and development activities are designed to support employees’ continuous improvement through their career journey and enhance their vision. Significant importance is attached to the personal training and development of all employees across the organisation. Resources are allocated for the training and development of each employee.

Performance Management System results are assessed by considering many factors, including job position changes and feedback received during one-to-one interviews with human resources officers. Career development plans and personal development plans are made according to these results.

In addition to traditional classroom training, Artesa Fabrics uses coaching, e-training programs, outdoor training programs and project tasks as development tools. Training programs are also organised to meet the technical development needs of the various departments.

Artesa offers tuition discounts to employees pursuing a Master’s Degree as part of agreements made with select private universities.


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Each year, Artesa participates in University Career Days where promising students are invited to join the Artesa family. New graduates who join the Artesa team, are included in a 6-month training program on personal and professional development. Subsequently, the new graduate hires are placed in their career positions in line with their interests and talents.

Every year, Artesa forms a potential manager pool as a result of regular annual assessments. High potential employees, who are identified at Human Resources Planning Meetings, are provided special training and development opportunities and given support to prepare for their next-level position.